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Kevin Vincent

New Endorsed Artist: Kevin Vincent

Vratim Welcomes Kevin Vincent (ENMY) to the Vratim Artist Family

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Daniel Marciniak

New Endorsed Artist: Daniel Marciniak

Vratim Welcomes Daniel Marciniak (Leaves / The Monistic) to the Vratim Artist Family

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New Endorsed Artist: Jesse Gentry

Vratim Welcomes Jesse Gentry (American Arson) to the Vratim Artist Family

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Kick Grip

The Kick Grip - Now In Clear!

Tired of tearing your feet or socks up? Want even more grip with your shoes? The Kick Grip is the answer!

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VRATIM (we pronounce it: /vr'a tim/) is a brand dedicated to providing quality shoes and clothing that meet the demands of and help improve the performance of musicians. We believe drummers and performing musicians should have shoes and clothes that meet their needs just like how athletes use certain shoes for certain sports.


"I've been using them for awhile now and have no intentions of ever using anything else!" -Alex Rüdinger

"If you think about it, every industry has a specialty shoe to fit its needs. Sports, construction, law enforcement, and even the medical field have shoes designed for a particular purpose. Us drummers, who use our feet the most, finally have the perfect shoe to fit our needs. A flexible, lightweight, comfortable sneaker that not only looks good, but can hold up to performing at the highest and most intense level of playing. Get familiar! Vratim changed the game!" -Bennie Rodgers II (The Band Six / BlackPink)

"Vratims are the most comfortable shoes in which I've yet played drums. I've already tracked half of a prog/metal record and a rock record (among other fun stuff), so as far as versatility goes, 'the proof is in the pudding.' I dig 'em so much I've got a white pair for the studio and a black pair for touring! Highly recommended." -Travis Orbin (Darkest Hour / Independent)

"These shoes give me the support and strength I need for the drumming in Amon Amarth. The way they breathe, the lightweight and the comfort of them is superior!" -Jocke Wallgren (Amon Amarth)

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