Vratim DS-II (Grey)

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Designed for the rigors and sensitivity that drummers need, but that everyone else wants. A glove for your feet.

  • Suede leather
  • Mesh
  • Removable Inner Sole
  • Thin EVA Midsole
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Outsole tread designed for minimal slipping and adequate grip

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We stand behind our products. If your Vratim Shoes or other gear have a material or workmanship flaw, we will do as much as we can to get you back to playing whether it's on stage or in your home! We personally inspect all of our shoes once the manufacturing is complete - any shoe that we deem unfit to sell we throw out. That being said, we are only human and sometimes unfit shoes slip by. If you receive a defective pair of shoes, you may return them for a refund up to 30 days after receiving the shoes. After 30 days, we can still do an exchange for a new pair of shoes and will work with customers on a case by case basis. Additional Note: as a way to provide a lower cost option, we have recently started to offer shoes with cosmetic blemishes at a discounted price. The structural integrity and design of these shoes have not been compromised in any way, but the cosmetic appearance of the shoes is not up to our standards. The sales for these shoes are final. If something happens to a blemished pair of shoes you purchase, we will always do what we can to accommodate you and work things out though.


  • 5
    Vratim drum shoes

    Posted by Jeff C on 31st Dec 2020

    I received Vratim drum shoes original model as a gift for Christmas. First of the sizing suggests to pick the lower end of your size since there are no half sizes. I found this to be spot-on. The fit is perfect. I have played in several brands and types of footwear as well as just socks as well as barefoot. While the most important thing is to be able to play in the first place I find these shoes to be the absolute best fit and feel for the art of playing drums. Make no mistake I am not a professional drummer by any means but I can say in all honesty the Vratim drum shoes definitely make a difference in my ability to play using double pedals and more complicated bass drum parts. I am close to the Social Security age so for me anything that makes a difference in my physical ability to practice my passion for drums is worth the investment. I highly recommend this great product!

  • 5
    Drum Shoe II.1 - Grey

    Posted by Nicolas Gelineau on 6th Aug 2020

    Great quality, easy to put on, very good contact with pedals. I will buy them again.

  • 3
    Not great, not bad.

    Posted by Brandon Taylor on 1st Aug 2020

    Well, there's a lot of 5 star reviews that I was skeptical of. I never spend money on any shoes, period. Especially when it's over a hundred dollars. So let's dive in. The shoes arrived undamaged and we're packaged decently enough. Like any shoes, they took time to break in (about a week or so). No half sizes so the recommendation is that you order the half size down (i.e. if you're a 10.5 you order a 10 etc.). I followed suit and though they were uncomfortable at first, my feet stretched them out enough that their snug. The design of the shoes themselves are okay. If you're like me and you were using vans slip-ons or whatever, these are an upgrade. They are very light which is great for speed, and smoothness on the pedals but leaves you scared to take these out on the town as walking shoes. I personally would only recommend using them for your practice sessions/gigs and nothing else. The fabric is nice and soft to touch but leaves you wanting a bit more padding at the cost of aesthetics. I don't recommend putting in any Dr. Scholl's or anything because it may interfere with the intended "feel" but if you want to, go for it. The grip on the bottom is a nice balance between grab and slide. The grip is always consistent but won't fight you when you slide up or down, which to me is the main selling point to these shoes. I definitely feel like they could be cheaper but Vratim is a young company so I understand. Hopefully in the future they streamline their production to make it a bit cheaper. All in all, it's a nice practice shoe that serves it's purpose and, like drum gloves, certainly doesn't hurt your play but doesn't enhance it noticably. If you're looking for shoes that give you great feel on the kit, these are for you. If you play barefoot or with socks well enough already and want to transition to footwear, go with something else that's cheaper like vans slip-ons that you can get in-store and return if need be.

  • 5
    Shoe review

    Posted by Richard rubio on 24th Jun 2020

    Got these shoes as a birthday gift and they are wonderful to use. I feel less fatigue while playing, my double bass has gotten a lot better and it like wearing gloves but on your feet. I will buy another pair

  • 5
    Love them

    Posted by Tim C on 5th Jun 2020

    Well made, nice materials, and light. I dont drum, these will be used as normal shoes, just saw them and really liked the look. First time ordering shoes from the internet, so far so good, I am very happy!

  • 5
    Drum shoes II.1 grey

    Posted by Brenden Tharp on 19th May 2020

    Amazing feel, super comfortable! Finally have a pair of shoes just for my drumming.

  • 5
    Great Product!

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Feb 2018

    These shoes are now an essential piece to the consistency of my drumming. Good stuff.

  • 1
    just another gym shoe

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Feb 2017

    I thought as a shoe designed for drummers there might be something special about an insole that had some padding in it. Maybe some extra in the front for players who us the ball or toes for the bass drum. The insole is nothing but a flat piece of rubber. I personally would not recommend this shoe. The belt was great.

  • 5

    Posted by Levi Dickerson on 21st Feb 2017

    This shoe is great!! I can't believe I haven't had these before! Very lightweight, grips like a champ on my DW9000's! Not heavy like my day to day sneakers/shoes wich is great. I can now have a pair of shoes designated for playing in. I will continue to use Vratim shoes when playing for sure!