**The updated and improved Vratim Drum shoe now featuring a removable inner sole!**

Designed for the rigors and sensitivity that drummers need, but that everyone else wants. A glove for your feet.

  • Suede leather
  • Mesh
  • Removable Inner Sole
  • EVA Midsole
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Outsole tread designed for minimal slipping and adequate grip 

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I really love those shoes ! I love the feel on the pedals and how they look. They give me extra grip and a great balance on the pedals. If you are looking for a great drumming and nice looking shoes, you should defenitly check those out !

Great shoes

Initially after putting them on I was unsure how they would feel on the kit, but after playing around I absolutely loved them. I feel more in control of my feet and feel like I can play anything that comes to mind. Great shoes for drums. Highly recommend

I look as pretty as I feel!

Just as my first pair the second is just as awesome. The coloring stands out and causes amazing conversation over them every time I’m out. The comfort continues to be appreciated while strolling around or drumming at shows. Amazingly these shoes are resilient in this cold snowy weather; they retain there color and grip so well even after walking through snow. I highly recommend these shoes to any musician or person just wanting comfortable shoes.

Great customer Service, and a good shoe overall

My shoe size by default is 11, but that size was too large for me. I forgot the guy's name, but he helped me get the proper sizing figured out. I switched the sizes no problem and got a size 10 within three days so I recommend going a size down from your regular shoe size. The size 10 is more fitted, but I noticed when wearing thick socks, my toes start getting sore from jamming up at the edge of the toe box. I get around this issue by wear compression socks. By the way, with the insole of the shoe being red, the die rubs onto your socks as your feet sweat. So now the bottom of my non black socks have this red die color on them. To me this is not a big deal, but it may be to others who are wanting the red color. The red and brown color is real noice looking and the website picture holds true to what it actually looks like. As far as playing the drums with them, I have not noticed a significant difference in the grip when playing with Tama speed cobra pedals. However these shoes are light and allow me to play using any technique from heel down to swiveling. Then again I do not want my feet to stick to the pedal surface while playing so I can do quick doubles. However if you play using iron cobras or a similar style of pedal with grip like surfaces on there, you would have better likelihood of getting a good grip on the pedal surface. Overall it's a great comfortable and stylish shoe that I find myself wearing often since they feel just like my tom's canvas slip ons that were my go to drumming shoe before. It's really cool that a company like Vratim exist to deliver drumming influenced shoes that also doesn't break the bank and can be worn outside of playing drums.

well balanced

This is my first pair of drum shoes. I am really digging the feel of these shoes. They are well balanced on the feet and light to the touch. The grip is astounding and the souls are thin enough to feel your pedals through. They are quality and I think they will hold up for some time. They really have range and feel when it comes to playability. I like them.

Great shoe, great company

I ordered these for my husband who has been searching for the best shoe to drum in for years. These shoes are amazing! He loves how snug they fit and the design is perfect for his aggressive, heavy metal, double bass drumming style. The company is a pleasure to deal with. I ordered an 11, and my husband decided he needed a 10. They were so quick to communicate with me about what to do, told me when they received his return and we got the replacements extremely fast. If you're trying to decide if you should get these or not, do it, you won't be disappointed.

hands down, the best drumming shoes you could ask for!

Although I haven't been in the drum shoe game for very long, VRATIM is easily the best option. These shoes are super durable, very flexible, and have an amazing grip on my kick pedals. Not to mention they look super awesome! I can wear them for everyday use and that's a huge plus for me. I highly recommend grabbing a pair to any serious drummer.