**What's new?**

We adjusted the midsole height for better feeling and control

The build quality of the shoes has been increased over previous versions

The inner sole can still be removed, but due to some slipping they come stock tacked in place


Designed for the rigors and sensitivity that drummers need, but that everyone else wants. A glove for your feet.

  • Suede leather
  • Mesh
  • Removable Inner Sole
  • EVA Midsole
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Outsole tread designed for minimal slipping and adequate grip 

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Only a few uses in, but I'm a changed man.

Justin Payton on 24th Apr 2018

I've only got to use these a few times so far, being at practice and shows. But holy heck if I didn't feel more comfortable playing in them. I used to play in socks, but sometimes felt uncomfortable just in those. And not to mention having to put shoes on after the set was over. I tried Chuck's as well, but they felt a little too heavy for me, and the sole was pretty thick. These have the perfect grip, a thin sole, are incredibly light, and I can walk around a venue in them. If anyone's on the fence about drum shoes, these are the first ones I'm going to recommend.

Best Drum Shoes

Jared Klein on 10th Feb 2018

I love them! They are comfortable and theyve helped me with my drumming by gripping my pedal boards. I barely take them off! I have been playing for 17 to 18 years and ive used tins of shoes and they havent came close to these. Light weight and comfortable. Untouchable.

This is it!

Jaap - For I Am King on 4th Jan 2018

Just awesome

essential for any drummer

Koury Pounds on 26th Nov 2017

I can EASILY say these are the most comfortable and consistent drum shoes I've ever worn. Not only for performing and playing the drums, they've proven many times to be roadworthy and reliable on and off stage. Vratim is an essential part of my setup.


Max on 19th Nov 2017

I have been using the Vratim drum shoe over a week, and it hasn’t even taken me this long to recognize how amazing this shoe is to drum in. Truthfully I can’t say enough. They are comfortable and they look great while also providing tremendous grip on the pedal. The fit itself is snug with the perfect amount of room in the toe without being to long. This shoe is an excellent drumming shoe that is extremely supportive to the playing, but does not get in the way of technique. This is THE one and only drum shoe that any drummer of any style of drumming can benefit from.

In a world driven by comfort, Vratim knows the way!

cantonmasterdrummer@gmail.com on 16th Nov 2017

I’ve been drumming for almost 17 years and so I’ve worn a lot of different shoes while playing. Each pair gives me a different feeling which alters my way of playing, and unfortunately most of the shoes I’m wearing just don’t give me that extra mile I’m looking for in practice and at shows. Lucky for me I now have Vratim. These shoes are top notch awesome! Light weight, durable, sticky, and stylish; Vratim definitely put some elbow grease into the design. The comfort is unreal and for that I can play longer sets with no worries about my feet cramping up or slipping; which by the way, that grip allows for such precision on my strikes. I love these shoes and certainly want more!

Lightweigh Ideal for Discerning Drummer

Dave on 9th Oct 2017

I have tried all sorts of shoes in 30 years of drumming and Vratim are definitely the best. Lightweight and very comfortable with new insoles. For me I particularly like the red or black colours.

Comfiest Way to Play

Jonathan Lievano on 30th Sep 2017

Delivered way quicker than expected and I've been able to put them to great use for my most recent performances. Definitely worth not being weighed down by regular shoes anymore.